Church can be fun.

For us it is fun to find excuses to get together and enjoy each other's company. Throughout the year we have meals together: some potluck, some presented by very talented cooks, and occasionally a gourmet dinner presented around a theme (such as a part of Italy called Tuscany after a group of women finished reading the book "Under the Tuscan Sun"). Bike trips, canoe trips, ice fishing, and going to the theatre together have also been fun ways of being together.

Over the years we have had Friday Variety Nights, game nights, gym nights at the Borough gym, Hawaii nights, Fiestas, silent auctions to raise money for the youth, talent shows, fascinating Christmas plays, and even a couple of "lets bring all our rummage to trade with each other before we take it all to Bishop's Attic" events. No doubt we will find other excuses to get together.


Women's Group

We currently have two Women’s Bible studies.  They both meet weekly through the school year, on Tuesday evenings at 6:00pm and Wednesday mornings at 10:00am.  Through the year the women try to meet every other month after church for lunch and a program.  They also share Secret Sisters through the year supporting one another in prayer, and celebrating special events together such as a Christmas party.


Men's Group

The men of our congregation gather on the last Saturday of every month to make breakfast and enjoy a program. Some recent programs have been the report of one of our member's trip to Turkey and Rome; another was an ice fishing expedition following breakfast; and another was a demonstration in how to make stained glass windows. 


Ladies Book Club

For a number of years, we have had a monthly Book Club meeting for the ladies of the congregation. Together they have read many books over the many years. They gather on the third Thursday of the month at one of the women's home to enjoy the fellowship and discussion.