Our Sister Church in Saroma, Japan

In 1994, our congregation entered into a sister-church relationship with the Presbyterian Church in Saroma, Japan. Saroma is the sister-city of Palmer, Alaska.  The two cities have had a very active friendship for a quarter of a century.  We have sister-senior centers, sister-fire departments, sister-schools, in addition to the sister-city programs and friendships.

In 1994, seventeen people from our congregation were part of an official visit to Saroma on the celebration of their centennial.  At that time we had a formal opening of the friendship.

Since 1994, there have been Presbyterians who have visited back and forth between our congregations while on official sister-city visits.   One interesting dynamic in the friendship is that one of our co-pastors, Tim Carrick, was born and raised in Japan as the son on Presbyterian missionaries.   A natural connection between the congregations.  And another interesting dynamic is that a few years ago, after the pastor retired, the new pastors in the area are a clergy-couple, just like pastors Tim and Leisa.   The wife, Rev. Mayumi Morishita, is now the pastor of the Saroma Presbyterian Church.

We hope that the friendship can grow and deepen in the years to come.



Saroma, Japan