There are two youth groups

They gather together to play games, share our thoughts about what's happening in their lives and have devotions together, do special projects and crazy stuff!

The Middle School Youth Group meets weekly after school on Thursdays (2:30-4:00pm).  We have 10 loyal youth that like to bring their friends. Besides yummy refreshments, we check in with each other on how our week is going; have a short devotional; and then let loose — I mean we play fun games!  Some times we stay at the church, and sometimes we take off for an adventure.  Sometimes we join the high school/college age group for a joint event.

The High School/College Age Youth Group is made up of a dozen strong youth (actually some are barely 90 pounds).  They meet weekly on Sunday evenings, generally from 7:00-9:00pm. 

They are an active group that likes to go to the movies, do go-carting, Neon bowling, scavenger hunts, lock-ins, and other fun stuff. Pastor Leisa usually supervises and chauffeurs these events. Many of our parents give us lots of support when we need drivers, food, and money! The church loves their youth and also supports them in whatever endeavor they take up next.

Friends are always welcome!